HP Business Inkjet 2800dt Business Inkjet Basic driver download grátis (ver. 1.­0)

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Business Inkjet Basic (ver. 1.­0) lançado 2005.05.20.

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Categoria Impressoras
Marca HP
Dispositivo Business Inkjet 2800dt
Sistemas operativos Mac OS 9
Versão 1.­0
Tamanho de ficheiro 13 Kb
Lançado 2005.05.20
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Business Inkjet Basic Driver for HP Business Inkjet 2800dt Type: Driver hp bij2800 printing system for Mac OS 9.­htm   bi2816xx.­sit.­hqx   Business Inkjet 2800 PS (printing system) driver for Mac OS 9   Release Date: 2005-03-29   Version: 1.­0   This driver is for hp business inkjet 2800,­ 2800dt and 2800dtn printers for Macintosh systems running Mac OS 9.­     This package includes: ·         The printer driver PPD file   Installation instructions:   Before proceeding with the software installation,­ the printer must first be properly set up.­ Turn on the printer first,­ then the computer.­ Close any screen savers,­ virus protection programs or other software programs that are running on your computer.­ Download the file to your hard drive.­ Expand the file by finding the directory where the file was saved.­ Double click on the file.­ Copy the expanded file "HP Business Inkjet 2800.­ppd" into System FolderExtensionsPrinter Descriptions directory.­ Identify the printer by running the Desktop Printer Utility under ApplicationsUtilities.­ Launch the Desktop Printer Utility.­                                                                i.­            Identify your connection type - Printer (USB) or Printer (AppleTalk).­                                                              ii.­            Identify your printer on the connection,­ click Auto Setup (or manually browse to the folder where "HP Business Inkjet 2800.­ppd" was stored to select the printer's PPD name).­                                                             iii.­            Click "Create".­ 9.­       Close the Desktop Printer Utility naming your printer in the process 10.­   After driver installation,­ Open Print Center and “Add” printer.­  Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the Mac via a network or USB connection.­      

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