HP Scanjet 4570c Acrobat 6.­0 TWAIN update driver download grátis (ver. 1.­1)

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Acrobat 6.­0 TWAIN update (ver. 1.­1) INSTALLSHIELD lançado 2004.03.26.

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Categoria Faxes
Marca HP
Dispositivo Scanjet 4570c
Sistemas operativos Windows 2000, Windows XP
Versão 1.­1
Tamanho de ficheiro 94 Kb
Tipo de ficheiro INSTALLSHIELD
Lançado 2004.03.26
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Acrobat 6.­0 TWAIN update driver for HP Scanjet 4570c This update fixes a problem when trying to TWAIN from one of the "full" versions of Adobe Acrobat 6.­0: Acrobat Professional 6.­0 Acrobat Standard 6.­0 Acrobat Elements 6.­0.­ This is a new version which replaces the version released on 10/­16/­03.­ This revised update better supports newer versions of hp's photo and imaging software.­ Previous versions of Acrobat (v.­ 5.­x and earlier) are not affected.­ When trying to TWAIN from Acrobat 6.­0 () you may get an error that prompts you to insert the HP software CD so needed files may be installed.­ If you cancel out of the dialog,­ the scan proceeds normally.­ If you insert the CD and click "OK",­ problems such as system hangs or "Scanner not found" messages may occur.­ The defect may only show up randomly.­ The exact text of the errors and the severity of related system problems vary from scanner to scanner.­ If you don't have one of the full versions of Adobe Acrobat 6.­0,­ you do not need this update.­ This problem does not affect scans using hp director even when Acrobat 6 is installed on the system.­ Compatible devices: C9927A

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